play for change.

july 2011

Thoreauphare.com opens shop with Volusion, an e-commerce platform, after move to Minneapolis.

march 2002

Medxcel put on hold for health and family matters. Dallas.  

May 1997

Medxcel.com, a physician recruiting company, begins operations in Dallas, Texas.

september 2013

HeirQuake creates initial web presence. Minneapolis.

may 2012

Paintings, drawings and photographs now a part of web gallery saatchionline.com. Minneapolis.

october 2011

Staffphire.com. Re-launch of physician recruiting company. Minneapolis.


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HeirQuake. The cross-generational linking platform for visualized experience sharing.

Mentoring. Ideas. Roadmaps. War stories from the battlefield of life. Successes. Failures. The spectacular and the forgotten. Lost arts. Found inspirations. Searches for life's direction and your purpose. A means of discovery. Of finding the path that awaits you. Of designing that best bespoken suit of armor, tailored to the perfect fit. The one worn to protect you while seizing your choicest aspirations.


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